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The category “Tableware” contains our main line of production of plates, glasses, pitchers and accessories for the table glazed with just one or two colours.We can immerse the pieces in a tank of glaze or apply the glaze with an air compressed gun; however both these procedures are made by a person and not by a machine (unless that there is a specific request of industrial production) so the pieces are controlled one at a time.The main lines we propose you are: the line with dabs, the line with crystalline and leather colours, the monochrome and the bicolours line. The monochrome line is very practical because offer you innumerable possibility of combination.The colour is the characteristic of an object that influences most of our impressions, so the possibility to choose your favourite colour for the plates you will help you to be in a good mood when you‘re eating. You can also choose customized colours that tone in with your kitchen or with the rooms of your restaurant. The bicolour line is mainly used for the ceramic saucepan that are usually glazed inside with a colour and outside with another one; as well the plates made with this method are very elegant and and the optical effect show it more thin and light. For the leather colour line we prefer to immerse pieces because it forms lighter shades that make every piece unique.We use the leather colour and the crystalline (a transparent and glossy glaze) for a special line suitable in the historical recalling of Middle Age, because these were the colour of the pottery that medieval people used. The plates of this line can be glazed only inside and not outside. Finally there is the line with dabs.We started to produce this line from the typical Tuscan ceramic, white with light blue dabs and than we tried to use new colours.Actually we produce besides white, also red, orange and yellow with dabs, but you can ask for your personalized colour.The dabs are hand made so they are different in tone and shape on every pieces.In addition with the main line you will often find some new products, results research and testing of new colours.All the products of the category “table ware” may be used in dishwasher and in microwave.They are all stamped with the mark “ Cotto in Siena”, synonymous of handicraft quality.