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Black Etruscan bucchero

Among all the people of ancient Italy, only one reached a real greatness before Roman Empire: The Etruscan people. Up to today, the origin of Etruscan leaves many doubts. Etruscan never organized themselves in only one state, but they were divided in autonomous city-states, often rivals. In the earliest period the government was a monarchy, later on religious and political power was concentrated more and more in the hands of an aristocratic; Etruscan princes were called Lucumons.Surely it is Tuscany to be the most ancient region occupied by Etruscan, and specially the area going from Tyrrhenian Sea to Tuscan- Emilian Appennines and the Tiber. In this regions emerged the most important Etruscan cities: Volterrae (Volterra), Arretium (Arezzo), Cortona, Perusio (Perugia), Clusium (Chiusi), Vetulonia, Volsinii, Tarquinii, Veii.The Etruscan, like other ancient people, believed that not everything would have an end with death, but that dead person would have an own existence and therefore need certain things and a home. The tomb represented the home and therein was put anything the dead person might have needed. Excavations of many tombs have brought to light lots of objects: pots, jewellery, sculptures, weapons, etc.Bucchero, a black-shiny ceramic, is one of the typical Etruscan products, made, it seems, out of common clay which had been subjected to a process of smoking before baking.At the beginning, the forms produced were mostly small, with geometrical engraved decorations; from the VI century b. C. on, dimensions grow bigger. Towards the end of V century b. C., relieves produced separately and attached on the fresh clay started to appear. The production of buccheri ceases during the IV century b. C. with propagation of Greek vases’ fashion.Bucchero represents an intermediate stage of change between ceramic and metal, obtainable by natural process. It seems to be one of the first experiment to convert raw materials in precious metals. Discovering Etruscan technique to obtain bucchero took modern potters many years. At present every potter who can make bucchero keep the specific method secret, so we can’t say it but we can guarantee you that our vases are, like the originals, completely black outside and inside; we can also reproduce large-sized vases (difficult because of the particular firing method, they always came broken out of the oven).All our bucchero are completely hand made and thanks to our innovative procedure we can cut prices close.