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"Cotto in Siena" - "Baked in Siena"

terrecotte "Cotto in Siena" is our trademark. We stamp all the tableware with this mark and with the writing "Made in Italy" and "Fatto a mano" ( hand made). Today is important to give a territorial indication because we live in the age of globalization in which we never know anything about the objects that go through our hands."Cotto in Siena" guarantees you the possibility to trace the place of origin of all first materials we use. "Cotto in Siena" is also research and innovation. Before offering you a new article, we try to make it in many different way, until we find the procedure that consents us to give you the better product at a lower price. In short this mark represents the quality of artisan product, result of experience, tradition and Italian brilliance. Everybody know that eating well means living well. Similarly to live among beautiful objects, made with passion and care, consents us to feel better, and we want to create these objects for you, this is the aim of "Cotto in Siena" mark.


The origin:

terrecotteThe origin our work group developed its acquaintance beginning from rudimentary basis of handicraft. We made our first work tools in conformity with ancient technique, in part transmitted us from our families and in part acquired through historical research, and especially from the study of Etruscan ceramic handicraft. We made our first lathe with an olive wood trunk and same iron bars; we obtained a plane that rotated on an axis with great precision to consent us to create the vases. We reproduced cups, vases and objects that we went usually to observe in archaeological museums, trying to catch as much details as possible, to make a perfect copy of the original. We made many study for materials too: the clay we used was a particular impasto that consented us a faithful reproduction, for obtaining it we went in many clay pit and along the rivers of Etruria. Afterwards we settled and filtered the clay to make it uniform and fluid, at the end we strained it in the chalk stamps. Chalk is a very difficult material to use because is subjected at humidity and at wear and tear. We spent a lot of time to find a personal and exclusive composition for the chalk that we used for the stamps. The stamps are the matrix of pots so we had make them perfect to have perfect vases. With time we have integrated the Etruscan manufacture with many others kind of production, as decorated ceramic for the table and industrial production of terracotta and candle holders..